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Operational Accounting Systems (o-a-sys) provide customers with integrated business systems and ecommerce solutions. Through our accredited experts we support, train, develop and manage the software for all business needs.

To ensure you get the right solution, o-a-sys takes the time to understand your business and the processes you need to manage, creating long term relationships with customers and helping you to do the same.


Latest Opera 3 (2.12) release in May 2014
Published by o-a-sys -  22nd January 2014

17 additional reports for output to Excel are coming soon with the latest Opera 3 release.  Read More


Pegasus Payroll Upgrade 2014: Advance Information
Published by o-a-sys -  22nd January 2014

See what's coming soon with the Opera 3 and Opera II Payroll Upgrade 2014.  Read More


Pegasus Software releases Opera Web Xchange

Published by o-a-sys -  12 November 2013

Connect with your Opera 3 data remotely. Find out more about Payroll Self Service, the first Web Xchange application release.  Read More

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