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Business Intelligence is no doubt one of the most used buzzwords in the modern business landscape. Newer BI models are easier to use, have simpler interfaces and can be operated and understood even by the most technologically-adverse team member in a company. Given the accessibility of today’s BI software, the questions to now ask is, “Do I really need a BI system in my company?” or “How can it help me make better business decisions?” 

With Opera 3 Business Intelligence tools you get precisely what you need to know without wasting valuable time. Pegasus XRL, Pegasus Instant Messenger, Pegasus Reporting, Scheduling and Notification Services all have advanced intelligence working for you. 

And it's not just us saying that: Pegasus XRL has won awards for its features.

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Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel to access live data in Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. For years, accounting system users have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that are supposed to make things easier. In reality, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial. 

XRL brings such struggles to an end. Pegasus XRL is our award-winning Business Intelligent application which seamlessly links your Opera 3 financial information with Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps.

Pegasus Instant Messenger

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) helps release the business-critical information held within your system via pro-active alerts. PIM is Opera 3’s unique real-time reporting, scheduling and instant messaging tool, designed to address the challenges organisations face when attempting to manage and distribute business information. 

In today's age, nobody can afford to wait for monthly or weekly management reports to determine the health of their business; PIM automatically distributes real-time, business-critical information in the form of a discreet pop-up instant message, as and when you need it. 

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