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Your payroll should be quick, easy and above all, effortless. So with Opera 3, complicated procedures are simplified and automated. For added peace of mind, Opera 3 has HMRC PAYE Recognition. Opera 3 Payroll is available as a standalone application or integrates with the other applications available for Opera 3; linking seamlessly to personnel and P11D Organiser.

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Auto Enrolment

Changes to the pensions law (the Workplace Pensions Reform) mean that employers must enrol their employees into a pension scheme and pay into it. Opera 3 payroll will handle your Auto Enrolment requirements, from catergorising your workers and auto enrolling them to managing employer and employee contributions and handling opt-ins and opt-outs
Pensions Integration

Workplace pensions law has changed. Every employer in the UK has a duty to enrol all of their employees into a pension scheme and pay into that scheme. Pegasus can help your business with auto enrolment capabilities in Opera 3 and Opera II Payroll. NEST Pensions (National Employment Savings Trust) and NOW: Pensions are cost effective pension schemes that are available for any employer to meet their new duties. This is an optional feature of auto enrolment with seamless integration to the NEST and NOW: Pensions online portal. 
Salary Sacrifice

What is Salary Sacrifice?
Under a salary sacrifice arrangement, an employee gives up some of their cash earnings in return for new or increased entitlements to non-cash benefits provided by their employer. Apart from pension contributions, non-cash payments include childcare vouchers, cycle schemes, travel, subsistence allowances and others.
Key Benefits of salary sacrifice in Opera 3 Payroll & HR:
  • It's included as standard with Opera 3 Payroll 
  • It's very quick and simple to set up
  • Salary Sacrifice can be used for both pension and non-pension sacrifices
  • A pension salary sacrifice can be based either on a defined value or a percentage
  • Salary Sacrifice information is printed on the payslip
  • Sacrificed values are included in pension contribution reports and pension contribution files
  • Pension salary sacrifice values are shown on the Employee History Form
  • The Employer's NI saving can be added to the pension contribution

Email Payslips and P60s

Opera 3 Payroll & HR offers the option to e-mail payslips and P60s to employees. This feature comes as standard and can make paper payslips and P60s a thing of the past. You'll no longer need to procure the relevant forms or incur postage costs; at the click of a button, payslips and P60s can be delivered to the employee's inbox as a password-protected PDF document. 
Payroll Self Service

Integrating with Opera 3 Payroll & HR, Payroll Self Service offers your employees remote access to personal data, holiday entitlement, Payslips and P60s via Pegasus Web Xchange. It's quick and easy to use, so the HR department can spend their time more efficiently and be more productive. What's more, employees don't need to be users of Opera 3 to access their data. 

Employees can access pension information: Users can view their pension information including details of their current pension provider, a summary of their current pension scheme, their current contributions and their auto enrolment status. Plus, thy're able to drill down to a detailed breakdown of their overall pension contributions and filter by pension scheme and/or year. 

Bulk e-mail functionality: Improves communication between users by allowing the website administrator to send an e-mail to single or multiple recipients. The administrator can also schedule the email to be sent at a given date and time, and resend all or failed e-mails. 


Pegasus Web Xchange new Timesheets service has been released, simplifying the submission of timesheets entry and format for manager’s approval or rejection.
Timesheets work seamlessly with Opera 3 Payroll. Approved timesheets in Pegasus Web Xchange are then ready to approve by the Payroll department in Opera 3 Payroll. Users can then select whether to accept or reject a timesheet for import, and if further information is required by the Payroll team, users can drill down to the entries underlying the timesheet.
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