Pegasus Web Xchange

Pegasus Web Xchange

The rise in mobile working over the last ten years is no accident. A combination of factors has led to the concept of working more flexibly becoming firmly entrenched in the business world, with a recent survey of 8,000 employees and employers across ten countries, finding that 75% of companies worldwide have put in place flexible working policies to enable employees to not only vary their hours, but to also use the latest technologies to work away from the office. 

The digital revolution has transformed the way we live and work, increasing connectivity on a global scale and giving rise to the 24/7 workplace, where the inevitable consequence of ‘going global’ is that the business never sleeps. The spread of good wi-fi access, in conjunction with greater 4G coverage, advances in mobile technology and the explosion of cloud computing, has resulted in the ability to do business at any time, from anywhere. 

With this 24/7 business environment, there’s more pressure than ever for employers to help workers strike the right work-life balance. The ability to be almost as flexible with working arrangements as with personal and social lives can help here, empowering employees while ensuring their health and well-being.

With this shift in mobile capabilities, Pegasus WebXchange applications offers your business a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go: anytime, anywhere and on a number of mobile devices. It will change the way you work and run your business with exciting features such as Mobile Sales, Payroll Self Service and Online Timesheets to help your business improve efficiency, security and empower employees.

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